The 4th Hussars

The 4th Hussars were raised in 1685 as Berkeley's Dragoons and won their first Battle Honour at Dettingen in 1743 alongside the 3rd and 7th Hussars.

The 4th Hussars fought throughout Wellington's Peninsula Campaign and gained distinction in the Afghan War.
They participated in one of the most glorious actions of the British Cavalry when they charged with the Light Brigade at Balaclava alongside the 8th Hussars. Private Samuel Parks was awarded the Victoria Cross during the charge for saving the life of the Trumpet Major. The Regiment served in France for the duration of the First World War, winning 21 Battle honours and nearly 100 awards for gallantry. They mechanized in 1936 and saw extensive action during the 2nd World War in Greece, the Western Dessert (El Alamein) and Italy.

At the end of the 2nd World War the 4th Hussars served in the Malayan Campaign before deploying to Germany and amalgamating with the 8th Hussar's in 1958. The Regiment is particularly proud that that Sir Winston Churchill, 'the Greatest Hussar of them all' was commissioned into the 4 Hussars in 1899. He later became the Colonel of the Regiment from 1941 until his death in 1965.